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“I wish there was someone I could ask for advice. Someone who wouldn’t make me feel like a creep for spilling my guts and trying to explain all the insecurities that have plagued me for oh, about 25 years now. I wish someone could explain to me why exactly I have no desire to learn anymore. Why I used to have so much energy and the need to search for miles and weeks for anything new and different. Excitement. I was once a magnet for attracting new offbeat personalities who would introduce me to music and books of the obscure and I would soak it into my system like a rabid sex-crazed junkie hyperactive mentally retarded toddler who’s just had her first taste of sugar.”
— Kurt Cobain, journals

Bali, Indonesia

{ ray of light }

E se um dia hei de ser pó, cinza e nada 
Que seja a minha noite uma alvorada
Que eu saiba me perder
Pra me encontrar

Florbela Espanca

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